Gambling, Drinking, Skating... and Shopping

I won a further 8 nuggets on the Rigg's 'Deal or no Deal' fruit machine.

Basi's mouldy mushroom inhabiting bowl has been lurking in the sink for weeks...

This is my new Sony VX-2000 camera.

Badboy fisheye.

I got Skate 2 on day of release, of course.

The Ipswich Trio, Mike 'Ghetto Booty' Simons and Matt Clarke embarked with me and Basi on a mission of skateboarding.

Matt Hay- Front Blunt.

Back to the flat for a board change after Ben destroyed his skating a 10 set.

The best caption for this photo wins a prize.

Oh no. My favourite spot. What a shame.

Flat food kicked off with Matt eating noodles out of the pan he cooked them in.


I soon destroyed this intense game of Jenga between Baker and Matt by poking a block I thought would come out, but didn't.


This is a first- a lift party occured outside.

Mike left the situation feeling vulnerable and violated.

'£5.50 for this? Can I get some more value with my meal please?'

The stairway to heaven is an escalator.

While all the arty-farty photo crew were appreciating photos in the National Portrait Museum, myself and Mike laughed at various astonishing paintings.

Is this some sort of contemporary art or did someone genuinley leave their keys outside?

'Metal Militia' on Oxford Street has an amazing alphabetical A-Z array of metal Tees.

The Vans shop had a sale on, so naturally we were in there for about an hour.

Some art gallery place on Carnaby Street.

I got this motorhead flag to go with my Slayer one.

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