'Well, WHAAAAEEH!- Shut Up!!!'

'Mama's! Ooooooh-ooh!'

The nice end of London.

A group of us went to see the Wrestler. It's amazing, go see it.

Ollie had Birthday cake and Champagne for us all, how lovely!

Happy Birthday Ollie!

Pub in Leicester Square was first on the agenda.

Look how small Ollie's head is compared to the rest of us...

Reppin' Lemmy across London pubs.

The main event was the Borderline's metal night. It's the same bar I saw Trivium at.

Everyone really got into the metal spirit.

Basi drank the most metal of all shots- Jager.

Things don't come more metal than this- arm wrestling!

Clash of the titans- Toby vs. Josiah! Josiah won...

Brooks had his blog face on at the Elephant spot.

Darn this wretched spot.

Chickieren was in attendance.

We skated this spot for the first time. I say skated, I mean looked at.

This is one for Mike.

Too short?

I'm studying Italian Neorealism at uni now. It makes my course sound a little more credible.

Basi has started collecting patches for his denim jacket.

A typical response to an annoying 'wash up' note in our flat.

Party two floors up from our flat.

Same hair crew.

Me and Adam were losing money to each other playing Blackjack.

I love the phenomenon of however drunk someone is, they never spill their drink.

Jah bless the 24 hour shop.

I wasn't here for this but I wish I was- Matt documents the end of Ollie's night.

Gotta love uni.

This is London's version of snow.

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