Beer Pong

I don't think I've had a new set-up since I started skating over 6 years ago...

This is possibly the greatest 4 player game in the world.

'Ollie Pinhead' got my WWE belt! I recently won it back though...

'Big Armed Blayney' is still currently the USA champion.

The week of snow has since melted.

Here's Basi in the morning after sleeping fully clothed.

Only true players smoke through a metal hand.

Not all of the snow has melted then...

Guess the trick.

I never knew how close I lived to the Imperial War Museum.

An actual piece of the Berlin Wall.

Bare tanks n' that.

The Coors promotion has ended at the Student Bar and now necessitates our Kitchen.

This is Beer Pong. A team of two people try to bounce a ping pong ball into a triangle of 6 cups with beer in. If you get it in, your opponent has to drink the beer. The team with the most beers scored is the winner.

The only people to get through to the quarter finals from our group were Ollie & Basi and Josiah & Laura.

A lot of beer gets consumed.

I was with Paul. We only won one game. For some reason people decided it would be a good idea to get naked. Alright, chill out then...


I got this in the morning- nothing to do with me.

Basi's masterpiece- 'Black Chips.'

Erm, here's Matt and Paul in Krispy Kreme.

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