Get To The Chopper!

Callum got a figure of that dodgy old man from Family Guy.

This is Paris- a new Syston local. Killin' it!

Here's Dom at my Grandad's.

I ventured back to Donington Park to film my Dad's track day.

I climbed over a fence to get a good view from the VIP area!

How embarrassed would you be if you were riding that chunk of crap around the track?

'New-wheel Wednesday's!'

Callum ollies the hip.

'Orange Wednesday.'

An actual good pair of Fallens in TK's.

Yes willy grind.

Another FS ollie by chub chub.

Lloyd- FS Disaster.

Cal- Boardslide.

Nice one Syston- a staple!?

Paris is new to the blogging scene. He'll be throwing 'the arms' in future photos...

Tally Ho.

This was my best trick.

Oh Syston...

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