The Last Week Of Uni

We walked past the Etnies signing at Slam to go somewhere else.

Thats Ryan Sheckler's sellout arm on the right.

Here's Matt attempting to climb a tree at Hampstead Heath.

Here's Claud achieving that feat.

Mine and Adams good sized pizza...

Matt's ridiculously small individual pizza.

That didn't take long did it?
'The legacy of Jade! Half price...'

That's Mohammad from last year's Big Brother. I'm sure he would have loved it if I asked him for a photo but I didn't want to boost his ego. He was a prick, too.

Beer pong at the Rigg.

Basi's team were knocked out of the semi-finals by Jodie and Josiah!

Seriously, what are these?

Me and Kez made Tom and Jerry cakes.

The definition of juxtaposition:


Basi snapped his month-old board doing a FS shove on flat. In a game of SKATE. He was on T. He lost.

New board! Deathwish init.

Is this truck invented to just clean itself?

I'm pretty glad I'm moving out, the kitchen is a state.

And that's it- Year 2 of uni is DONE.

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matt said...

by some unusual twist of fate, i also snapped a month old board doing a front shuv on flat... altho mine wasnt adsactly a month... more like 2 weeks, but still!