Street Countdown

John almost finished a number 4 at Mama's, he just couldn't eat his tomatoes.

We eat greasy fry-ups way too much.

Me and Kez went back to Leicester for Kez's interview at DMU.

London, dun no.

Some museum gallery thing in Leicester.

It has an Egyptian section for some reason...

Me and Callum had a quick sesh at Syston.

Orange Shop is better than 24.

Me, Josiah and Matt bought these Wii controller conductor thingys. I don't even have a Wii, but at that price, who can argue?

Burke and Hare called again, they wanted to pay me £95 to stand around eating samosa's all day.

It was at Somerset House, a 15 minute walk from my flat.

We were there till 8ish. Chillin' though.

A Subway has opened up opposite McLaren.

The phone won't stop ringing- this time we were extras in the IT Crowd.

We're geeks watching Moss in street countdown.


Day 2 was a 6am start- naturally I caught some Z's on location.

It was set in a club. We bust in next door to discover it was a filthy strip joint.

Yes biscuit bum.

I was chillin' in the private booths.

Benedict Wong was 'trying something' with the model girls...

I bought this Sonic game at dinnertime and got it signed by Moss and Roy!

Got a photo too, see?

John came down so I went to Mudchute to skate Humberstone style.

Callum- wallride.

John is so dangerous.

Blunt pull in.

Me and Callum went on an adventure around East. So many spots.

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