You Me At Trivium

Lakai must have sent a shit load of Koston's old shoes to TK Maxx in retaliation of him skanking over to Nike.

This is Trivium on St Patrick's Day at the Koko.

Amazing, as always.

Shattering! The skies above!

Stretchy Matt was wearing his St Paddy's T-shirt.

World's End for Guinnesseseses.

My Dad's old band lives on in the men's toilets.


Kieren told me he needed help with a film he had to make for uni called 'The Mysterious Parcel'. All he brought round was an old shoe box, a plastic gun and this hilarious old man mask.

Found some spots when we were filming.

'The Mysterious Parcel' will be released on Youtube via Jane Productions later this year.

Me and Kez saw You Me At Six at Brixton.

It was full of 14 year old girls and people that looked like Ollie.

Which was great because there was no queue at the bar.

Yes Ray.

Mmmmmm, Lucky Charms...

Found this amazing perfect spot, but we all realised we were shit and didn't do anything but play a game of SKATE on flat next to it.

Off to Leicester for 2 weeks, safe.


matthew hay said...

were the shit is that last spot bro

Anonymous said...

Took me time to read the whole article, the article is great but the comments bring more brainstorm ideas, thanks.

- Johnson