The £130 Train Ticket

Here are some events which occured in the last week of uni.

The washing up really did pile up this time. It was epic.
This is refered to as 'The Classic.' for example;

Alex: Hey man, you up for a classic?
Me and Basi: Sure.

Then we sit in my room playing Fifa. How I will miss this...

Our French flatmates finally left! Freedom!
Check out Basi's toast-bum.

Burny came out on the most unproductive session ever. Basi leanred Cannonball 50's though.
This is me in Krispy Kreme.

Basi and Matt went robbing in the charity item room.

This is Matt's amazing graffiti.

Not even statues of old guys are safe in London- Basi attempts to steal his statue phone.

We came across a new spot! Matt filmed a line which will be in Dead Nuns which is premiering at Boardroom on the 27th which will be sick.

Talman came down to enjoy the last few days of London filming.

A midnight South Bank session went down.

We saw that guy from The Mighty Boosh. (Julien something, not Noel Fielding) He denied us a photo with him so for all you know I could be lying, but i'm not.

This is the charity item room.

This is where we robbed everyone's beds for the night.

And also had tremendous fun.

Ross's 99p Pizzas X 3 = death.

Mike and Callum signed their lives away the following day.

Mike gave me a tape of footage. The filming was really good.

Pure American sweets are in London now.

We got kicked out of Elephant spot for the first time!

Basi bought a cheap, blatantly-gonna-break watch from the market.

Brooksy was hovering around Elephant, he now has his own flat down there.

Ollie met us at Kennington for one last skate.

Da gang.

Summer is finally here!

We hit up Shoreditch for the first time. It is good.

'How happy are you that Mike isn't in this photo?'

My new grip-job, you like? Possible new video name...

BOTB antics.

'Look, there's a castle! Take a picture of it!'

Big Bad-a-man.

Ollie got his 50 on film.

Four more tricks got filmed down this rail. Talman wasn't impressed.

Oh Basi...

Dead Nuns sneak preview.

Callum and Tally indulged in the classic.

Basi was naked.

Mike geeked it up.

The next day was moving out day! Talman and Callum helped me pack.

Basi. Don't ask.

We ran out of bog roll so Matt went to the public toilet on floor 1 and stole an industrial size roll.

I don't know who did this, but I hate that spray can thing on Paint.

One last look at this view.

Some of my stuff to move out.

I think this photo sums up the past year perfectly.

My Mum and Dad drove down to pack my stuff up. Talman helped.

Dad enjoyed the view.


Basi was sad.

I had so much shit for the car that there wasn't any room for me! Thanks for the train fare Dad.

In a bit South Bank.

I caught the train with Talman and Mike.

Peepin' some footage.

I easily beat Mum and Dad home. Dad insisted I keep these coat hangers.

It's good to be home.

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