Unsuccessful Spot Searching In Central

Check me out on this massive grass sofa on the South Bank.
Some amazing little boat.

Long story.

Basi robbed one of my bog rolls and locked himself in his room whilst he did a shit, but little did he know he left his board out in the hall. I did the classic 'double bell twatter.'

Just when you thought the Elephant spot couldn't get any better, they go and put metal edges on these benches.

Me and Bas decided to go look for some new spots around Barbican / Farringdon.

This is that well futuristic place in Barbican.

Barbican is like it's own mini world in London, it's got everything and it's so nice. Me and Basi got dirty looks because we were outsiders. And carrying skateboards.

After being moved on by a Policeman for walking around, we came across this unskateable spot again in a well businessy part of London. We got kicked off for just carrying a skateboard, there's no chance of riding one around here.

Ollie up trick over the rail.

From my part in Cloud.

Benches we can never skate.

In the end we were fed up of people in suits at work so we just met Burny at Cantelowes.

We his up Kennington Bowl. It was so hot.

We found this Pole Jam on the way home. Im gonna make Talman do it for Dead Nuns.

Ben was at the Elephant spot! I thought he was still in Leicester...

This place gets rinsed now...

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