The Dead Nuns Premiere

The usual premiere heads were congregating outside.

Ipswich were representing.. er Ipswich.

Callum being genuinely funny here blocking out Mike.

The Halfpipe crew.

Although I was 15 minutes late it was still totally necessary to go to city center to buy booze.

Chimp and J-Mac rolled up in a random car.

Classic Kieren.

Quay boys reppin'.

I love Eric's hate for blog coverage.

Bare crowds.

Kieren must have enjoyed it.

Of course some people enjoyed it more than others.

Ah, a smile!

This was in the Ipswich part.

Smiles all round.

I think this was the part where Basi destroys our flat with his head.

J-Mac and Josh.

Dave had a few tricks in the Boardroom part.

Probably when Mike did a trick.
Classic outro.

Rich was looking fresh.

Thanks for coming everyone!

Goscote gangsters.

Thanks Dave!

A ball of hair and Gant.

Kieren was really intoxicated.


Time for habitual post-prem team pictures!

Dead Nuns June 2008!

NLT OG 5- I'm bringing curtains back.

Humbo hobo's.

Dave ran over Sam and Beaver on his way home.

Subway stop.

We went to the High Cross because Talman didn't get into Orange Tree.

Matt was telling a classic old man pub story.

Talman got into mosh with Matt's ID!

Best. Dance move. Ever.

Talman was just stoked to be there.

I love the bottom floor so much.

Wilko got his headbanging game on.

As did Basi!

We dont stand up to dance. Hahaha- 'dance.'

Ryan and Ben love metal.

Dunelm Massive 2008.

My Mum says I shouldn't pull that silly face. I just can't help myself.

Stranger, Wilko and Beaver.

Pure long neck?

You had to be creative with poses to even make it on the blog.

Awww, he's only 17...

These badmen got kicked out, for being badmen.

Total strangers on teh bottom floor in the Slayer mosh pit.

Talman blow-up doll steeze.

Callum seemed to enjoy himself.

NLT party picture!

I got a taxi home with Fatboy and Tally.

I saw this on my street. Someone actually did kill two birds with one stone. Amazing.

'Dead Nuns' will be online in it's entierty soon.

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