Death By Scrabble

The filming of 'Death By Scrabble'- our end of year fiction short film.

Matt was primary camera-bad-a-man.

Check out Paul's Dad as the the postman.

Italian Neorealism is really trying my patience.

I've been looking for this spot for about 2 years after I forgot where it was when I first skated it.

The part I really wanted to skate isn't skatable anymore!

London is full of novelty photographic statue opportunity's.

Probably when Basi bailed an Ollie in a game of SKATE. Seriously.

Jodie's 21st!

It was also Antony's Birthday.


Misery guts...

The best part is the people serving him food just wouldn't even ask why.

He wasn't even there when I tried...

An egg in a bowl of cheap washing up liquid.

Three chicken kiev's positioned in a triangular shape with a new potato in the center surrounded symmetrically by 6 strands of mouldy lettuce outside Basi's door.

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