London Bad-a-Marathon

Me and Matt decided to go down to the river to see some of the London Marathon.

Everyone was cheering on strangers' names as they ran by.

I would've finished by now...

This man in a green tutu was the craziest runner we saw at that point, the people running dressed as chickens and baths were later on.

Someone reppin' Leicester!

It got packed towards the end.

350 yards to go!

This is the closest we got to the finish line, you can just about see it in the distance.

Behind the finish line. The runners got cheered like heroes as they ran past earlier, but now they finished no-one cares and they go back to their boring lives.

On the way home all the shit people were still running.

We met Basi at the Shell Center. He bought a Cornetto for £2.50, and it wasn't even a real one, it was an 'Extreme.'


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