Three Weeks In Leicester

My Mum broke down on the way home after picking me up for Easter.

Callum's well cool.

I tagged up my mac. Lemmy would be proud.

Habitual Grandparent's session at Easter.

I went Syston park everyday- no questions asked.
Adam- Feeble.

Grandparents session II.

Ben won the 'harshest bail' task on King of NLT- the latest NLT video; premiering soon...

The latest pointless thing to do at Syston.

J-Mac: 'Quick Phil- the new NLT logo!'

Shopping. Yay.

One for the mantelpiece.


I had KFC like 20 times in 3 weeks.

Dom's first purchase.

This is a genuine spirfire mini set-up.

Can't forget the pro NLT board bag. My early Birthday present for Dom- the future of NLT...

Loving the newly graffiti'd Sileby block.

Monny Jack- Halfcab.

Fatboy- BS 180.




Adam Harrison with a Left4Dead.

So much Desperados was consumed at Syston.


Awesome chicken carcass.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Bavaria- official beer of Syston.

Humberstone really isn't that good.

More amazing graffiti down at Syston.

So good.

Gutted Lloyd.

J-Mac coverage from 'Real Rescues' on BBC 1.

Callum bought a T-shirt from Casino. I got some shoes. I love student loans.

Callum fluked the highly-talked-about '1 hour and 59 minute stay' at the Highcross carpark- narrowly avoiding the next price bracket for staying over 2 hours.

Cal- FS Smith.

MayJack- Crooks.

50-50 Beanplant.

If you aint skated the Syston mud hip, you aint skated.

My Mum drove me back to London and we had a touristy day out.

Some guy was about to charge us £1.50 to sit on these deck chairs in St. James' Park, so we left.

Check out these badboys outside Buckingham Palace!

Sorry for that boring repetitive blog entry, I promise I'll do something well funny and impressive in the next one. Cheers for the lift and hot dog Mum x

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