Brushing Shouders With London's Finest

'Dead Nuns' filming continued at Cantelowes with Kieren on Friday.

We jumped on a bus to Archway to find the banks. Well, here they are.

Trick in?

Basi kind of gets vertical.

Hahaha, look at Kieren's rolling machine...

Next day:

Guinness, trust.

Kennington bowl is so 80's.

Here's Basi with Dan Cates!

Kieren would've loved this kicker...

Cates and Dibbles said they'd take us to a bank spot we'd heard of.

We got epically lost.

After about 40 minutes we finally found this well Phil spot in a primary school.

It wasn't the easiest thing to get into...

It started raining so everyone just played on the playground stuff.

Jerome Campbell pop shove noseslide revert in Document anyone?

Is this a typical Death skate session?

These are the new blocks at Elephant roundabout. They're gonna get sessioned pretty soon...

Me and Bas decided to 'live in the now' and get 4 Guinnessesses in Weatherspoons.

Mmmm, mixes grill aka plate of death.

Knock-off-Nigel sold me some knock-off DVD's mid-meal! Stoked!

The Roger Mellie.

Dead Nun's Cates footage!