Happy St. Patrick's Day

My Mum came down to visit.
This is that vegetarian restaurant in Covent Garden. We practically sat on the floor with a tiny table in a cove, but it was nice.

He probably found a buried car.

Tate Modern. Sam and Basi know how much this 'painting' aggravates me.

Nothing wrong with a touristy photo now and again. One for the facebook Mum.

Habitual with Mum coffee and cake.

I suppose this is the kind of humour I was brought up on.

After looking around Camden and buying a minimum amount, we had a traditional St. Patrick's Day Guinness in The World's End.

We were an hour and a half early for our train!

In Leicester now!


Sam Taylor - blog. said...

As if Barnet Newman aggrevates you!

Kazilar said...

See here or here