It's still there...

Met up with Burny for the first time in a while at Whites Grounds.

Basi was hungover from the night before.

What a prick, he'd sound a lot better with plastic drums and a trumpet.

Burny and Steve.

Ah thats much better.

Steve broke his Kingpin at South Bank.

In Sainsbury's, clutching the broken truck.



This is that big storm that hit London apparently.

This was hyped so much, we bought tickets on the internet so we were expecting a lot.

Smallest... ash tray... ever.

Bus crew.

Habitual 'the lads' pre-club group picture.

You don't realise how shit 'free jelly and cake' sounds until you see it.

This was the 'inflatable velcro climbing wall' which again, sounded better in writing.

Check out that guy's 'Adihash' T-shirt in the background.
He was with his mates 'I don't do daylight' and 'Nobody knows I'm a lesbian.'

These obscene paper signs were handed out for no apparent reason. Perhaps to help people get into fights.


Exclusive 'The Arms' necklaces.

I had so much free jelly. In a club. Yeah...

Classic Phil and Basi clearing out dance floors throughout 2008.

Me and Ollie had a go on this Gladiators thing.

Those bat things were really heavy, so I took off my glasses.

This is me knocking Ollie over. I lost 2-1 though.

Hi-tech bogs.

Usual captionless random people photos to follow...

The human gyro-ball was the only thing there that lived up to our expectations.

The 'massive ball pool' was an empty paddling pool.

On a brighter note, check this new 'Dead Nuns' Burny / extended deadline advert!

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