Last Week In Leicester!

Check out this amazing timeline from a game of Age Of Empires I had. I was yellows.

Me and Mum went to get some essentials for my new flat back at uni in London.

Syston skatepark has once again turned into a shit heap.


Doesn't get any better than this.

Me and Lloyd managed to sweep half of the park and a line through to the other half.

Drink Bavairia.

The choice of the locals.

Sam- 5-0.

Suz- Crook.

Who needs the skatepark, we still have the train station.
Adam- Slappy Boardslide non lander.

Willy grind!


I watched Dead Nuns.

Saw Jonny on the bus. He was going to work.

I was going to Boardroom.

Yon was there! Check his sick cheek piercings.

Matt has a new motorbike.

He took me to ASDA, where we saw Jason!

Innocent enough...


Me and Callum bought loads of new songs for Guitar Hero on Xbox Live.

Online matches are sick! The Grim Ripper vs. The God of Rock!

Sick song.

Beer grub.

Dave's on his 3rd batch of Dead Nuns DVD's on sale at the Boardroom for 50p. That's 100+ copies sold already!

Basi- Slash.

Forde- Bert slide?

Vicky got hit up for the last time.

So here it is, mine and Basi's last night in Leicester. It was at the Midland, of course.

Thing is, Josh got ID'd (he's 19 anyway) so I bought his drink for him. Then the barmaid came down and took it back. We hate the Midland.

Now we rep the Queen Vic!

So much better than the Midland.

Me and Basi drank Tiger ale in homage to Leicester.

Thanks for a good night everyone, see you all in London!

So that's it, I'm back in the big LDN. I moved in this morning and will post a blog of what I got up to shortly!

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