What A Busy Day

Here's my family checking out the blog.

Me and Adam went to Sileby.


Adam- One foot rock fakie. He landed it, honest.

Beer slug?

ASDA got had up.

Slappy boardslide starfish style.

Yet another victim of the mysterious Goodes Lane pigeon killer. Covered in maggots.

I worked at that fucking factory all week again.

Even Burny came in to get some spare cash.

Even taking photos of myself in the toilet wasn't funny anymore.

Cat food? CAT FOOD!?

I'm never working there again.

Later that night, Darnell came 5th in the Big Brother final! How!?

Should've won, which is why I've given Darnell the privilege of being the Blog Of Peril header.

Don't go to Boardroom on a Saturday. Well actually do, support yor local scene an' all that.

Me and Wilko decided to go look at the new shoppnig center, the Highcross. This new spot is gonna get killed.

How spectacular.

Crammed full of dickheads though.

There's spots everywhere.

Me and Wilko got told to make a clay model for this thing.

What else?

Obviously that willy was too obscene to put on display, so we just made a poo instead.

Skate 'em while they're fresh.

Later we met up with Mike and Ben to spot search the Highcross car park.

New Bendy's curb!

Metal ledge, trick over to manual?

Ollie up 4 set to gap. We can never skate these spots though because security is so tight. Ah well, there's always Kennington...

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