I bought a Death lens from a forum guy at South Bank. It didn't fit my camera so Jack bought it off me.

An image of what nearly was...

Habitual McLaren fire alarm photo.

Jack stole a sofa and it now takes up his entrie room. Still stoked on the lens.

Bare skate vids.

This is one of my favorites.
Seriously, anything Jack has or does is skateboarding related.

Kennington gets hit up on the daily.

Jack with the 5-0 pivot.

Wheels falling off?

This is the first time I've seen John since Freshers week.

The BOD- Bill Of Destiny. £1000 baddaman for the rent.

The next day I wemt to Euston to catch a Virgin Baddaman train to Liverpool with Kez + family.

I had some entertainment for the long wait till our train was due.

3 hour journey.

Liverpool station.

Some big purple thing.

Our hotel was pretty sick.

Some big radio reception stick.

There were hundreds of skate stopped benches like this everywhere.

You can pay in checks with a scanning machine thing now!

This is the big Primark where some 3 year old girl fell 100 feet off the top of the escalators.

Bare far.

We bought some more squidgies from the squidgey stall.

More spots.

Some fountain thing.

Wimpy is shit.

Aint got nothing on the South Bank.

Back to the hotel.

The bog.


I won a pound on a scratch card. I bought another one and lost.

Liverpool Cathedral was happening.

We saw the Little Shop of Horrors at Kez's Step-Dad's Son's Uni.

That big plant that eats everyone.

It was pretty good.

Me and Kez played pool. Check out this impossible shot I got myself into.

Liverpool Uni student bar kills The Rigg off.

Chinese after the show was amazing.

She sleeps diagonally.

In the morning I gathered all of the free shit to take home.

The only thing Liverpool goes on about is the Beatles. Everywhere.

I bought some bad boy souvenirs from this shop.

Not this hat though.

Some dock that I forgot the name of.

Quay reppin' in Liverpool.

We went to the Liverpool Tate.

This is Stanley Spencer. (I think) He did self-portraits at various stages of his life. He died shortly after this one.

A younger one- the eyes stayed the same throughout his whole life.

Picasso baddaman.

This rad baby / adult reverse head painting would look good in the flat.

Andy Warhol.

Annoying plain canvasses.

I bought this classic painting postcard for Basi, the one I hate in the Tate Modern.

Some guy who isn't Elvis.

Tourist shots.

Me and Kez next to some big anchor.

I told you.

We went to a Titanic boat museum thing.

I think this might have been on the actual Titanic? but it looks well clean so it's probably a replica, in which case isn't very good at all.

Some massive bomb pt. 1.

Some massive bomb pt. 2.

Kez, John Lennon, Me.

Every band who plays at 'The Cavern' gets their name on a brick outside...


The first stage The Beatles played on.

Amazing Guinness advert with frothy faces.

Did some more classic shopping in the City Center that looks exactly the same as every other city's center.

This Church got bare bombed in the War, it's totally hollow.

Train home.

What do you do to pass the time on an extended 4 hour journey back to London? Think about how many other countries you could be at if you were on a plane.

This helped a little I guess.


That train journey was horrific.

'Check it man...' I bought THUG for when Kez takes hours to straighten her hair.

Muska was pimped out.

'These guys are gonna pay...'

*ding dong* 'Come onnnnn!'

Got busted in Tampa init.

At least I won the comp though.

Bye squidge!

Liverpool was pretty sick, although everyone talks funny. Like they end every sentence with a question mark? Like this? Like on that scene in Anchorman? Or Basi?

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