The Usual

I made a 'custom breakfast' at Mama's.

Couldn't finish it though...

Random Rigg photo from sometime this week.

Haha look at them saps outside for the fire alarm.

Me and Basi were heading out at the time and became a sap.

Basi and Scarface.

Covent Garden shopping spree. Loans just came through init.

I found this fiver!

I got a caramel slice from this well cute cake shop.

Back at the flat me and Basi checked out our model Star Trek Enterprises. I got that stupid Borg Cube.

My purchases.

Basi got this sick Biggie T-shirt.

Spitting image!

This is me running over zombies with a lawnmower on that game Callum told me not to buy which made we want it even more.

Freddy lives!

Next day me and ollie went Cantelowes.
BS 50-50.

BS 5-0!

So I guess the new 'being ganster/rude' etc thing now is to dress like a little girl as much as possible.

Seriously though, a pink cardigan, with dungarees and hair in a puffy pony tail? If anyone else wore this they'd just get killed.

Ollie killed the bowl that day.

Rock fakie!

Alright chill out it's only from my camera phone.

Cradle skills.

T-shirt weather!

Well, since we were in the area...

Classic Camden shop- all black band T's.

Ollie got sucked into the first Chinese place he saw.

I bought sidewalk to check out Sam's First Light.

I get mad coverage these days...

We finally found one of those rad stable skate shops.

I bought this. (n' that, hahaha)

I couldn't resist.

Krispy Kreme kills it.

Euston, probably the best spot in the world.

Ollie with the axels.

2 up 4 down was our last spot.

Basi showed after he was waiting for a plumber to fix his sink. He never came anyway and could have came skating from the start.


We came across this amazing Tellietubby land.

You just sink into the ground when you hit any transition.

Be sure to see some footage of these rare natural kickers / wibbly wobblies!

We thought this car park might have something good to skate.

It didn't.

I bought the usual on the way home for dinner.

I also realised my shoes match my sweatpants!

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