The Most Boring Day Ever / Spot Searching

Homemade nachos and cheese.

Oh shit.

Should we go skating then?


Best. Dinner. Ever.

We got so bored that we bough a bottle of Jack and just drank.

I woke up the next day to find Basi's message to our housemates.

Gutted C block.

This is where I spontaneously rearranged my room.

Now I can watch TV in bed.

I need a badboy rug.

Basi thinks a common cold is going to kill him so he signed up at our local doctors. He's such a faccy'ole.

If I could sum Uni up with one picture...

...Recreating the 6-Man Armageddon Hell In A Cell from WWF back in 2000.

We also play tag-team with The Brothers Of Destruction from time to time...

First time skating in a week!

We bumped into Jack Sparrow on the South Bank, who was asking for money to go on a quest and explore the horizon. Nice try mate...

I hope nobody gives these guys any money.

This guy on the other hand was amazing.

Basi FS Tail at Westminster. Who am I fooling, he didn't land it.

This used to be Westminster road gap.

The spot searching began.

We stumbled across enemy turf- SW1.

Perfect 6-set with level ledges.

Me and Bas got all USA and bought Hershey's.

More new spots.

We walked all the way to Buckingham Palace. We love that bitch the Queen.

We found a load of quirky spots but Basi was being a ho and not skating them.

Totally lost in SW7.

We finally realised we were in Kensington which is full of awesome houses like these.

And expensive shops like these.

We found a bus that went to Waterloo, awesome.

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