Swing Life Away

Matt loves Krispy Kreme.

On our way to Caterham.

Takes ages.

Ollie Cribs! Check his classic poster filled bedroom.

Pimpin' kitchen,
Er, just the bathroom. It Was pretty pimpin' still.

Badboy living room, for living in.

We watched some Dead Nuns footage straight from the camera.

We started filming for our Uni project.

The crew / cast.

We slept in style.

Even outside Ollie's house is pimpin'.

Ollie owns all of it, not just one floor...

We came all the way back down to SE1 to find our supply room was closed. No tripod for this one then...

In Trafalgar Square they were celebrating St. Georges Day. Who cares? NOBODY is proud of being English, we're shit at everything.

Some 'Birds' shit.

We went on a mission to film in the arcades at Trocadero, as we were told no cameras were allowed.

This wasn't even in our film, they just wanted to play on games.

Theres a small human under all of that.

Such a nice fake couple.

Squirrel baddaman.

We went past Liz's house.

Little Britain quotes got shouted at these army people.

Big Bastard.

This is what Clark dresses like on a Sunday.

Some shit was happening at SB.

When I got in Basi was sleeping fully dressed.

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