Back to Leicester

We couldn't even finish watching Fully Flared on the train by the time we arrived in Leicester.

This is my post piled up since Easter. It was like Christmas.

New NLT badges!

I went for a skate around Syston with Craig and Jonny.

Someone revived the Syston skate scene by waxing this curb at the doctors.

GTA 4- Denied...

Stef was in HMV.

Which is where I purchased this badboy.

I was walking past Ledge as they got their new sign up.

Adam bought one of those massive KFC meals.

It was beastly.

Casino heads.

Basi walked into Casino with a Ledge bag full of Ledge goods from Ledge. He soon changed the bag round.

We seshed Boardroom, which is where Pat was.

And Ben.

Forde- NLT's biggest fan.

After a while we all just stood outside like badmen.

People filmed ticks on here for Dead Nuns, which is still coming out in May. Will there be a premiere? It depends how good it is.

The Quay.

Sean and co. were at the bus stop.

I met in the Midland with Adam for Guinness and Skittles.

Guinness and Skittles.

In Leicester its donner kebab, in London its fried chicken.

'Cloud' was on channel 4.

Next day the gang accumulated at Boardroom for a stoke trip.

Ben drove us.

Car anthems ranged from All Shall Perish to the 'Techno No Limit' song.

McDonalds stop off.

What does this even mean?

I won a fruit bag on that monopoly thing, but just didn't claim it.

Rollin' up at Stoke Plaza.

Clark arrived with a car full of baddamans.

Me and Ben.

SPT and Mac Dogg.

NLT- sitting around drinking cider on serious skate missions.

Bangers went down, check for the edit on Dead Nuns.

We randomly met at Subway on the way home...

...When Clark reversed into a really obvious large post.

Gutted how it's his Mum's car.

Tired boyos in the back.

These are... weird.

On our last day in Leicester me and Bas skated around Syston on our own and might as well have just been doing the same thing but with much better spots in London.

Probably my favorite spot in the world, after Euston Square.

Bumped into Arry and Tyrell, which was nice.

We hit up the most waxed curb in the world- even better than Aldi car park.


Nope, still can't skate this properly. Back to Kennington...


We have bare frogs in our garden.

This one was stuck to the garage.

Train home.

The next day I saw Lewis 'The Hammer' Hamilton.

New local spot- Elephant ledges and manny's.

Ollie sliding his board.


Even Paul was skating! And Matt was there.

Gap over the 2 and black stuff, thin run up along the top step from left to right.


'Ooh it's not easy is it?'

Paul- ollie up curb.

Hold Tight already been here? Me and Jack predict an ollie-up-gap-lip.

I don't even like Chinese.

Number 7 and 9 sound amazing.

Fried ho fun, with beef. Hahaha...

Skating Paul's kitchen.

The view is still there...

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